Published Works

Rebecca T. Dickinson’s stories, non-fiction, articles and poetry have been published in magazines, anthologies and ezines. Click on the underlined titles to read or see the magazines.                 


The story “Left to Rust” received an Honorable Mention in FICTION for the 2013 Porter Fleming Literary Contest.


“Adventures of Elliot McSwean: Elliot the Watchman,” published by Alfie Dog Fiction (UK), Children 10-15, January 2015-August 2017 on the website.

“Adventures of Elliot McSwean: Save the Red Lights,” published by Alfie Dog Fiction (UK), Children’s Stories 10+. Summer 2014-August 2017 on the website.

SECOND PUBLICATION OF “Adventures of Elliot McSwean: The Question,” published by Alfie Dog Fiction (UK), Summer 2014 Children’s Stories 10+. 2014-August 2017 on the website.

Cover Offbeat Christmas

KY Story published “When Tomorrow Comes” in the Christmas anthology Offbeat Christmas. Click above to find out more.

Black Fox Literary Magazine

Check out the Winter 2013 issue of Black Fox Literary Magazine features “Adventures of Elliot McSwean: The Question.” Against the odds of mean sisters, ten-year-old Elliot seeks the answer to what politically correct means.

Check out Blue Ridge Literary Prose published “By the Drink” in December 2012. New reporter Elisabeth Flyma covers a vote over liquor that divides a town and threatens to end her relationship.

Dew on the Kudzu published “The Way Things Are” in September 2011. Ambrose Wilkins must separate his nephew from his best friend. “The Way Things Are” is part of Red Loam, a collection, and part of my book, Sons of the Edisto.

The Copperfield Review published “Out with the Old” in October 2011. Andrew Bannister will bring change to Bamberg, South Carolina whether or not his father is ready for it. “Out with the Old” is part of Red Loam, and Sons of the Edisto.



Motherlode 2014

KY Story published “The Write Mother” in the anthology, Motherlode. Get your copy today. Find out the struggles of a new mother transitioning from life as a small town journalist to becoming a parent.


Telling Our Stories Press published “We Never Said Hello” in the anthology, Impact. Get your copy today.  Dickinson tells the story of regret, decision of life and death and the division of a family.

PaniK: candid stories of life altering experiences surrounding pregnancy

The anthology, paniK: Candid Stories of Life Altering Experiences Surrounding Pregnancy, published “Grass from the Grave.” It was part of the Help Inspire Others Project.


The summer 2013 edition of The Copperfield Review published “From Red Loam.” The poem is the introduction to Red Loam, a story collection connected to Sons of the Edisto.


          Featured Freelance Work

Since 2010, Biz Well Corporation has published articles by Rebecca T. Dickinson in the Belmont and Mount Holly, Waxhaw and Mint Hill chamber of commerce magazines.  Please visit or some of these digital versions:

Welcome to Waxhaw 2014

Welcome to Mint Hill 2013-2014

Mint Hill 2012-2013

Belmont & Mount Holly 2012-2013

Equal Justice: The Law, The Lawyers, and Civil Rights

I co-wrote a series of lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school teachers and students with Lynn D. Dickinson. They were published online by the Law Related Education division of the South Carolina Bar.

Broken Down (ghost written)

Articles published by Tryon Plaza on its blog in Charlotte, N.C.


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  1. Would you consider coming to the Kings Mountain Rotary Club to talk about your work? We have an open date on Thursday, October 30th. It would be great to see you again.

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