“Some Memories” Read Aloud

It’s been a while, since I’ve blogged. According to my last post, I have not blogged in seven months.  There are some reasons for that.

Son. Daughter. Husband. Students. Testing.

Writing is still at the center of my heart, but in my first year of teaching, I found that literacy became more important, simply because when you urge kids toread, it gets them thinking. They get ideas. And, who knows what they will do with their lives?

Instead of sounding completely like an old-school, the-world-is-beautiful Disney princess, I have been writing. I am still working on two book projects:  Adventures of Elliot McSwean and my memoir-in-verse, Never Saw Jesus in the Mirror. I’ve continued working on poems for Never Saw Jesus in the Mirror and editing them. Some are seven-years-old, the same age as my son, while others are newer.

This summer, and fingers crossed, later in the fall, I’d like to continue poetry read alouds. Just like when I do flipped classroom for my students, I  am not a fan of filming myself. I don’t even like to work out at the gym in front of people anymore. I created a picture video to go with my read aloud (see video) to go with the poem, “Some Memories.” I may post it later, but I haven’t decided.

If you’re not sure what a memoir-in-verse is, it is simply a memoir told in the form of poetry.  A few years ago, a high school student introduced me to Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey.  

By Rebecca T. Dickinson

c. June 2016, Some Memories, R.T. Dickinson


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