Elliot McSwean Story Published

Ten-year-old Elliot McSwean trips again!

Alfie Dog, a publishing company that publishes children’s stories and books, has published my third Adventures of Elliot McSwean story. Alfie Dog published Adventures of Elliot McSwean: The Watchman January 28, 2015.

This is the fourth time an Elliot McSwean story has been publishedAdventures of Elliot McSwean: The Question was published in Black Fox Literary Magazine’s 2013 winter edition. Then Alfie Dog published it for a second time in July 2014.

Thank you to Alfie Dog and Black Fox Literary Magazine. It is hard to find publishing companies and magazines that will publish middle grades and children’s fiction.

There is something to writing about a boy trying to find his way through his tweens with his friends and survive his four sisters, mother, and sometimes demented father.