Time Best Spent Writing

Your son comes in the bathroom. He sits on the floor and asks when you’re going to play in his room with him.

The new baby cries ready to be fed.

“We will play after nap,” I say.

Just a few moments before, your son had entertained himself and the baby slept. You have just a few moments to write. Make it worth something. Those moments of time become rare diamonds. You must choose between what makes the rocks in your time versus what is worth your time.

In 2013, I wrote on my blog a little less. By 2014, I began dropping off the map due to the lack of energy I had during my pregnancy and dedicating the energy I had to my son, grad school and work. As I said in my last blog, three of my stories were published. But, I had no time to promote them.

I am not complaining. I love having children around me when I write because they inspire me. My son is at the heart of my two published short memoirs. Family and friendship takes center stage for a little boy in Adventures of Elliot McSwean.

Two children and grad school leaves little time.

So, where is time best spent on writing?

A blog?



I decided in 2014 to use available time  to write, edit and send stories out for publication.

With 2015 approaching, I have repurposed my blog to be about just writing again. There’s not a clear purpose, but it is my space. I’m not out on some major goal. I’m not attempting to write a blog X amount of times a week. For me, once a month is a great goal.

That is okay.

Now the house is quiet. My son is in probably his final year of napping. His sister is asleep.


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