Two Stories Published

UK publisher, Alfie Dog Press, published two stories from Adventures of Elliot McSwean in July.

This is the second and third story from the collection to receive publication.

The Question was previously published by Black Fox Literary Magazine in March 2013, and is now published for a second time. Save the Red Lights is published for the first time. The stories are available online with a blurb and for purchase. This marks the first time any of my individual stories are available for sale.

I am thankful to Alfie Dog Press for providing a place where children’s stories are published. In the short time I have to research publications, I focus mainly on middle grades and young adult publications. Alfie Dog Press provides many opportunities to its writers for which I’m thankful.

While time has been limited from my blog, behind the scenes I have been writing and publishing. Just like when I worked as a journalist, I have not had much time to stop, celebrate, and say “thank you.” While I would like to spend more time promoting my work, I am thankful for the opportunities to write and publish.

Rebecca T. Dickinson


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