Let’s Catch Up: How You’re Doing and How I’m Doing

I found this online and wanted to share it with you.

Courtesy of http://collegeessayeditor.com/home/2011/08/10/the-writers-sense-of-humor/

Have you ever been in a situation where your mind goes blank and you forget to use your or you’re? It is like the use of their, they’re or there.

Last week, I was writing a short essay for my English exam, and I forgot how to spell a certain word. I remembered the plot and the characters, but I could not remember the correct spelling. When I was younger, I probably would have sweated. I laughed to myself.

Why and How We Write

Have you ever stopped to analyze why you write or how others write? In reading for my American literature course, the study of structure in writing has occurred to me. For instance, I am writing my first piece of nonfiction in two years, and I consider the structure and flow before just writing.

Some writers sit down and go at it. That is what makes writing such a great field. There are multiple visions of the craft.

Now why do we write? What purpose does it serve?

My husband asked me these questions yesterday when I told him what I was writing about.

John: Why did you want to write about this?

(To be clear, I’m writing the story of an infection that has plagued our family three summers in a row and our wonderful – cough – treatment from doctors. The infection develops into a character itself.)

Me: I don’t know. It just came to me.

John: What purpose does it serve?

Me: I don’t know, but at least I’m not writing about your family anymore.

The truth is I lack answers as to why I write certain stories.

When I was a younger writer, I thought of the great things I’d accomplish by writing a certain story or poem.

Kids and the Economy – These two themes pop up in my stories, because I am still a child at heart. I’ll jump into a creek near our house – in November – to climb over rocks and get a foul baseball for my son. I know enough about the economy to understand when it began to go bad, who suffered and why and how it will continue to affect a lot of people.

How and why certain plots enter my mind, I have no clue.

Some Great News

My friends, I have not blogged in a while. Graduate school has received most of my writing efforts. I do have some great news to share with you.

My story Left to Rust received an Honorable Mention in Morris Museum of Art‘s Porter Fleming Literary Competition in October! Click on Left to check it out.

Cover courtesy of publishing house KY Story.

Another story, When Tomorrow Comes, was released in KY Story’s
Offbeat Christmas
. The book will be available on Amazon, Amazon Europe, Createspace, libraries, and traditional book stores between now and the next couple of weeks. It will be free
for download on Kindle from December 5-9.

After From Red Loam was published by The Copperfield Review, I was grateful to have surpassed my goal for 2013: publish 1 story. As I completed Sons of the Edisto my focus shifted to short stories, including Adventures of Elliot McSwean. I was fortunate to have one story from the collection published in Black Fox Literary Magazine. It is tough to find literary journals, magazines and ezines that publish realistic fiction for kids.

My current blogging goal is to post at least once a month, and perhaps more in December and during the summer.

I will return.

By Rebecca T. Dickinson


4 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up: How You’re Doing and How I’m Doing

  1. I totally get it what you go through. I have had similar experiences with my husband. His first love letter in my mailbox was the last too… i edited it and mailed it back to him. 😀
    Thank you for following my blog. 🙂

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