Seventh Publication in The Copperfield Review

Courtesy of The Copperfield Review, The Copperfield Review publishes historical short fiction and poetry.

The Copperfield Review published my poem, From Red Loam, in its Summer 2013 edition.

The poem is the intro for the story collection Red Loam, which is connected to Sons of the Edisto. It is the third publication from the Red Loam collection, and my seventh creative publication.

To read From Red Loam,

I dedicated this piece in memory of Becky Swindell in my bio. She was my Dad’s cousin, who helped me in understanding history in Bamberg, South Carolina.

Thank you to readers. Thank you to supporters. I appreciate all your support!

By Rebecca T. Dickinson


6 thoughts on “Seventh Publication in The Copperfield Review

    1. Pat, It is good to hear from you! I know I’ve been scarce online these days … 🙂

      Thank you so much for posting my poem on your Twitter and FB! I need to connect with you on Twitter and FB!

      Thank you for your kind words about From Red Loam! It is with that spirit I wrote my book. ~ Becca

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