I So Had to Tell You First

Got your attention.


That’s what I wanted. Not to take up too much of your time. Since I am an ADD author and you’re beginning to wonder: What’s the point to today’s post, I’ll make it short …

as possible.

Here’s the deal:

I am working mom, who set many goals at the beginning of the year. I wanted to freshen up the blog, and before April hit, I thought I did a good job staying on my twice-a-week schedule.

While I have been lucky to meet my goal of publishing one story this year, I haven’t kept up with the schedule.

You say: Yeah, we noticed.

I say: Thank you.

Authors and writers love to set goals. We feel great when we meet them and wonder what goes wrong when we do not. Sometimes we want to block ourselves off from reality to write and meet those goals, but life comes in again like a goofy boss you want to hit. I’m thinking Office Space.

Yeah …

Life comes at you.

I a mom with a son who – as much as I love him – is the royal prince of my life. A job I love, which also takes away energy, and a wonderful husband. In addition everyday needs, my family and I dealt with a scare with mom’s health last month. We have been working together to set meal schedules and recipes, so she and Dad will eat healthier.

Time constrains all of us. We must make choices. As a writer close to completing several projects, I need time to edit and write.

I so wanted to tell you, the powerhouse readers, I am cutting my posts back to once a week on Sunday. I will continue to write about writing, books, pictures, family and cooking. I will still write and look forward to you reading!

By Rebecca T. Dickinson


6 thoughts on “I So Had to Tell You First

    1. Thank you, Sally for your kind words! I enjoy reading and writing blog posts. Time has slipped lately, and I have not had the time I need to edit. I hope to complete editing my book by summer’s end. Thank you again for the support!

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