Friday Night Lights: The Thing about Why

Shots echo.

Not many.

Just enough.

Congress votes down

new gun law.



Children dead –

six year olds 

remebered from Sandy Hook.

Once smiling faces

not enough to move

men and women

in big boy

and big girl suits.


Yesterday, an armed man

threatens the school

where I used to


The police got him

before he ever arrived.



Blue strobes of light

flash around a house

and a boat with a man.

No answers as to why.







A lot happened this week. More than words can express. In fact, I could not find words to express how I felt about what happened in Boston, the Senate, Texas and at a school where I used to substitute teach. The moment I found out I thought of Sandy Hook and September 11, 2001.

Journalists are busy right now. They will answer the who, what, when and where.

The why is harder.

Why would someone set off bombs?

Why would someone limit certain people access to guns?

Why are innocent people killed?

Why are children killed?

There is no certain answer.

Only this:

We, the writers, compose to explore the why.

By Rebecca T. Dickinson

Thoughts, prayers and love for Texas, Boston and Clover High


3 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights: The Thing about Why

  1. Great post. There are too many things going on in the world that we seem powerless to change. You rely on your politicians to sort things out. Often they let us down.

  2. Very thought-provoking. The WHY is what we need to know. Thank you for sharing this Rebecca. God bless you. Hope you are well and safe. #Prayers for #Boston.

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