Friday Night Writes: Reasons Why We Write

Write what you know.

Write what inspires you.

Write about what you’re interested in.

Write about what you’re willing to research.

Write what you fear.

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Some bloggers write to share knowledge of publishing and share how-to query. Others blog to write.

I have heard the above advice and reasons at different points in my writing life.

What each artist shares in common is that they write what they want.

Use all the advice you want. In fact, I implore you.

Make a choice.

In 2006, I chose fear, inspiration and research when I began Sons of the Edisto. I thought: How did the U.S. tolerate a racist organization to influence national politics and parade through the streets of Washington, D.C. in 1925? What inspired my grandfather to stand up to injustice?

Could I find the courage to write about a controversial subject?

I have written two manuscripts, short stories and some nonfiction. Three important themes play roles in my contemporary and historical fiction:

  • Family and Friendship

    So much is written about love and relationships, especially paranormal. I have attempted to write about real relationships between families and friends. What makes those bonds so special?

  • The Economy

    I write about a time set before the Great Depression and in stories set in today’s time. As a staff writer, I saw the recession kick in before the national news acknowledged it. Businesses closed and people began to lose hope; and yet, many friends and families pulled together in the generation of the iPad and iPod.

  • When my cousin was 4-years-old, he called me mommy-in-training. I babysat, tutored and cared for little ones for about as long as I have written. No one says funnier or wiser things than the children whom I teach.

    My fear is someone will forget a child’s voice. It will not be heard.

All of these themes and reasons to write make me grateful that six publications thus far have given me great opportunities.

On this Friday Night Writes, I am proud to announce the beautiful Black Fox Literary Magazine’s publication of Adventures of Elliot McSwean: The Question in its Number 7 edition. If you wish to check it out, the story is on page 40.

(Please also check out the many other wonderful stories and poems.)

Fifth grader Elliot McSwean is a skinny blonde boy with glasses who is pushed around by two older teen sisters, followed by a four-year-old sister and raised by a father who still believes Russians will attack. He will try to answer and solve the unknown problems in his small town outside Charlotte, N.C. The Question is the first story of the series.

After snack, Mom sent Jillian and I to play outside instead. I needed to make it to the computer before my tormentors arrived home from school. Mom’s eyes scanned the backyard from the kitchen window like a hawk circling above its nest. Jillian followed me everywhere with her pink sparkle wand. I thought of ways to get past Mom and Jillian. Once I figured out what politically correct meant I could focus on the scientific potion with Davie. He was the brains of that plan. We had a formula drink for pregnant moms to turn their babies into boys, so guys like me were not stuck with too many sisters.

~Elliot McSwean

By Rebecca T. Dickinson


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      1. You are very welcome! Had been busy with the Season 2 of TSpE. But truly praise your effort. Deeply. : )))

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