Writing Goals in 2013

A writer begins with more than one goal.

Goals for a writer’s blog cover more than one territory. They could be, in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s Lord Elrond, “scattered, divided, leaderless.”

Each writer’s personality, style and multiple goals are their own. It is up to us to pull those ideas together.

If you are ADD, like me, organization becomes a greater challenge.

When I began A Word or More almost one year ago, I knew I wanted to share knowledge about the literary and writing industry, books, my book, a little cooking, travel writing and photography.

That is a lot, but they are all experiences about which I know.

Writing goals in 2013:

  • I will write 1 post a week.

    Family, work and the writing demands of two books requires more time.

  • Share more photos.

    I am an amateur photographer. Every other week, I want to post one or two pictures.

  • Write Essays, Get Money

    “Rebecca, there is no money in writing.”

    I’ve been accepted to graduate school at Winthrop University for an MAT in English. School does not pay for itself. I will spend more time writing clear, concise; and hopefully, good essays for scholarships.

  • Complete 2 Books

    If you read A Word or More regularly, you know I am married to a book entitled Sons of the Edisto. I am also completing a nonfiction project, private by contract.

    Both manuscripts are in the editing stage. Little time is left for a working mother.

    I continue to share background stories: The Bannisters: A New Beginning.

  • “Dishes Take 5 Minutes”

    I left out a popcorn bowl and forgot to wash it. My parents and brother forgot to wash the dishes piled by the sink.

    “What’s the point?”

    My husband said, “Nothing, including Bible study—and I will upset you—writing, is more important than the five minutes it takes to clean the dishes.”

    I raised my eyebrows at him.

    Writing takes time and at certain points in the process there is nothing more important, to me, other than our son and being on time for work.

    Balancing time will be at the top of my goal list.

  • Get Published Again

    I set a personal goal in 2011 to be published in a creative publication once. I was published three times then and twice in 2012. Back then I was a stay-at-home mom, freelance writer and sometimes substitute teacher. Due to scheduling, not as many submissions will go out. The magic number 1 remains my goal.

  • Expand Knowledge of the Industry

    Sons of the Edisto has been a long term project. In that time, I set a goal to learn about the publishing industry, how to write a query and always look at agents and publishers’ tastes and backgrounds. I will continue with this goal. Perhaps by the end of the year I will have sent my first query letter for Sons of the Edisto.

  • Get Twittered

    Since beginning my writer’s account on Twitter, I am learning how to receive and share valuable information. In other words, “How will this help people.” Not “I’m in Myrtle Beach.”

  • Read

    I am slow reader due to time. I want to read more blogs. I want to read more books. I fall asleep with a book on my stomach.

    The goal remains the same.

    Time management will change.

By Rebecca T. Dickinson

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13 thoughts on “Writing Goals in 2013

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    Good luck with your writing goals. I am proud of you for writing them down. That helps you achieve them or decide it wasn’t what you really wanted to do.
    Thanks for linking to my blog post “What Are Your Writing Goals for 2013?”

    1. Joan, I am happy to share your blog post! I thought it says exactly what I want to about writing in the new year. I have to clarify my goals otherwise I lose track. I put posted notes on the wall next to my mini-home office, literally, in the window frame. I hope to achieve this year, especially the scholarships. 🙂

    1. Hi Vikki, Thank you so much for your support! You have always been so supportive throughout my new experiences in blogging and now Twitter. It is all a learning process, isn’t it? 🙂

      1. The more I use it, the more interesting articles I discover. There are a lot of tools and advice for writers available. I’m happy when I find them. I am always skeptical at first. I thought about a blog for three years before I started on. I always jump on the band wagon late.

        I know I’ll enjoy your Tweets! 🙂 ~ Becca

    1. I have to be detailed otherwise I will become too distracted by other things. Thank you, Pete for the support. I wish you Happy Writing in the New Year, also! 🙂

    1. I am happy you’re back! I’ve missed you and reading your blogs!

      Goal setting is a tough thing. My book co-author and I have now set a deadline for early April as the time to have our book edited and ready to go.

      Glad you’re back!

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