What are 5 Reasons Adults are Thankful Christmas Comes Once a Year?

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The holidays fill our hearts with ___.

You fill in the blank.

The holiday reality brings a variety of emotions to the forefront of our minds. For parents, they want to surprise their children and get extra sleep. For young adults, they’re trying to figure out where the childhood magic of Christmas went.

In the opinion of some senior citizens such as my grandmother, they do not want to put up more decorations than absolutely necessary.

These are the real reasons why adults are thankful Christmas comes once a year:

  1. Christmas Eve, Day and the days after erase our original New Year’s resolution.

    You might have planned to quit cigarettes or spend less money. Maybe your original resolution was more meaningful. You planned to restore faith in an old religion or a new one. You were going to make amends with someone.

    On December 26, the Weight Watchers commercials start, and you’re tempted to pick up the phone. It does not matter if you’re skinny, normal, healthy or large. You are tempted. I am tempted.

  1. It is nice to give and receive presents, but do we really need more stuff?

    Whether or not you’re a parent, aunt, uncle or you have a lot of stuff; Christmas and Hanukkah brings one thought to mind.

    Where will we put all this stuff?

    My son owns three lifetimes worth of Hot Wheels’ cars, three John Deere tractors, fire trucks and six different Elmos.

    We need a limit.

  1. Do we really need more family time?

    The movie Four Christmases has become one of my favorites.

    Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn have spent years putting off their families with the excuse they were doing volunteer work.

    They are caught by a news camera dressed in beach clothes. The reporter asks them where they’re going, and you know they’re caught.

    Anyone who has been in a serious relationship or married can relate to the movie.

    I love my family. John, my husband, loves his family. Each of us believes, sometimes, we have a better family than the other.

  1. More Arguments during the holidays.

    From Thanksgiving to Christmas, John and I argue more than anytime throughout the year. The reason is simple.

    What do we put up? When do we put decorations up? Do we have to put them up?

    Or …

    How do you expect me to control how much my mother buys Charles?


    Him: I thought we were done talking about family.

    Me: You brought it up.

    Him: Promise me you won’t say anything else about my family.

    Me: You definitely don’t want to read my journal.

    Him: Why would I read your journal?

    Me: I’m just saying I wrote some stuff … about your family.

    Needless to say, too much stress builds within relationships during the holidays. John and I are not sad to see them go.

  2. We Forget what Christmas Means

    Christmas means something greater despite its massive commercialization. Too often, people forget there are others who might not have a Christmas. They cannot give their children gifts because they have to pay for food, the phone bill, the electricity bill or a broken car part.

    The season reminds us of why we are grateful.


3 thoughts on “What are 5 Reasons Adults are Thankful Christmas Comes Once a Year?

  1. Christmas certainly can get hectic to the point of taking some of the luster out of it. I have a very large number of close family members. It seems all of them want to have a get together. What I would really like to do is get off work on the last Friday afternoon and sit like a lump for the next thirteen days.


    1. The challenge begins when you’re family becomes bigger: inlaws and children. I am honestly happy the holidays are over. I know how bad that sounds, but life runs a lot smoother after the holidays, to me. Thank you for your comment!

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