No More Reservations: Goodbye Bourdain

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Everything must come to an end.

Sadly, Anthony Bourdain’s show, No Reservations, is one of them. Tonight at 8 p.m., the Travel Channel will show the series finale in Brooklyn.

Due to my schedule, I never watch Bourdain’s show when it comes on. I watch reruns later in the week or on the weekend. I have watched No Reservations, and I am sad to see it go off the air.

Behind the show is Anthony Bourdain, who is not only a chef, but a traveler, explorer of taste and a prolific writer. Maybe he would not call himself prolific. When you listen to his words on the show or read his blog, you know he is not another television show host. He is not another person showing you all the cool places.

Bourdain digs into a culture and what makes its food. He writes and delivers the show with sarcastic and meaningful speeches. Bourdain writes in the way we want good food to taste. He writes the way we want to dream. Whether you agree or disagree with his strong opinions—much stronger than the vodka he drinks—you cannot deny the man’s talent for words.

Beyond Bourdain’s charismatic charm with words, he taught me something as a writer. I began writing about food. Some of you might’ve read The Write to Cook blogs. This summer I explored memories, smells and stories surrounding the food I know so well.

I am not a professional chef and I do not travel as much as I did when I was a reporter and student, but I understand the vivid language high-quality food offers readers. Food should not be an overindulgence (except on rare occasions), but an art—a connection to the life around us.

What is one of the best meals you have experienced? How do you wish you could write about it?


5 thoughts on “No More Reservations: Goodbye Bourdain

    1. I love the show, too! I am sad to see it go, but I think Bourdain wants to focus on the realities of the places he visits more indepth than he has done.

  1. Hi,
    Even though I do not cook, and I do not receive this show in Germany, I enjoyed reading about the man and his profession. Thanks for the interesting article.

    1. Thank you, Patricia! It is good to hear from you. I enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s writing on the show and his blog more than anything else. I wish everyone could speak like he writes. And, on television, he does speak like he writes. I am sure there are many good shows in Germany. Thanks, Patricia!

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