Six Sentence Sunday

It is a great idea.

You know: the six sentence Sunday.

I have read great six sentence Sunday posts by favorite bloggers, such as Jennifer M. Eaton or The View Outside. Inspired, I thought I would take part this week.

I look for ways to share pieces of my writing related to Sons of the Edisto and other projects without giving everything away. Below is a piece from a story published in October 2011 by The Copperfield Review, a great online literary magazine.

(The magazine is also hosting its first historical writing contest. Visit the website, hyperlinked above, for details.)

The main character, Andrew, in the story is the son of Oliver, who I’ve written about in episodes of The Bannister Histories.


From Out with the Old

He opened the creaking back door. It was ready to fall off its hinges. Cob webs created a silver-white arch on the upper half of the entry’s frame. Andrew lifted part of his lip sneering at the black and red spiders. As he made his way up the narrow wooden stairs, he recalled how he was always the last one to climb them. The girls’ shoes left dents in the steps.

By R.T. Dickinson

© 2006-2012 by R.T. Dickinson. All rights reserved. No part of this manuscript or material related to it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of R.T. Dickinson.


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