Why We Need Mustard Covered Faces

Three hotdogs were not enough for the two-year-old.

Yellow mustard covered the boy’s face. He laughed when I took the plate away, and looked around for a fourth hotdog.

Every morsel he devours astonishes adults and older children. But, the little tongue licking ketchup and mustard off the plate to the point of painting his face reminds me to: just chill woman.

In moments when my toddler causes me to grab my stomach because I laugh so hard, I forget the 90 mph rush to accomplish every goal on my list.

Courtesy of http://www.daveabreuphotography.com/

Consider your goals and to-do lists whether they are for work, on a writing list, need-to-cook recipes, or personal. You feel you will not meet your objectives as you try to multitask. Sometimes we are bitten by the pressure of our goals instead of seeing them in good light.

Photo by Rebecca T. Dickinson

A moment—

fireflies in summer,

cute dog catching a ball,

or a toddler putting his face and mouth to a plate of mustard—

is all it takes to make us pause.

I know I need to:

  • Complete editing separate chapters for a nonfiction project.
  • Prepare to review a new project.
  • Wait to hear news on two prospects—news that could bring about good change.

I want to:

  • Have enough quiet time to read my online XHTML book so I can learn.
  • Study and learn SEO.
  • Complete Sons of the Edisto editing.
  • Research and add more agents to my list.
  • Edit more short stories.

BUT, you see two lists. Believe it or not, there is more.

Changes are on the horizon. Deadlines are coming. I need a mustard-in-the-face moment to remind me: it’s alright if you don’t finish everything this minute. I believe the same applies to most people who want to accomplish a lot in life.

I have split my passion between writing, education, and domestic interests such as cooking. I have wondered if I could work on my book while I earn an MAT. Both require dedication. Not to mention, I’m a mom. It is enough to blow the lid off the pot.

I’ll admit I have not written or edited in three days, with the exception of today’s blog, and I am glad. I needed to laugh, and regain a clear picture.

What makes you stop and think?

        Photo by Rebecca T. Dickinson

Post by Rebecca T. Dickinson


10 thoughts on “Why We Need Mustard Covered Faces

  1. We all need those times of “mustard faces” in our lives. There are too few times when each of us actually get to choose which of the three or three hundred things we must do at any given moment. Life’s priorities usually dictate the order of importance so when I’m presented with a joke, I laugh. When I pass a magnolia blossom, I enjoy its fragrance. This is what makes me stop and think of who, what and where I would be if I dictated more of life and not have allowed it to dictate so much of me.

    Keep writing, keep laughing and choose every chance you get!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Don! I appreciate it. I take pictures on a lot of my walks. I take Charles to many parks, and there is always something growing despite the heat. There is one path that is 85 percent shaded. Tree limbs provide a great cover and it’s cool enough to walk in summer. Honeysuckles are still in some of the bushes on that same path.

      I need walks like those. Something about nature provides a wonderful calm. I know Charles enjoys it too. I love mustard covered face moments. They cannot be copied or replaced.

      Until July, I had a set schedule. With a move, my structured schedule was thrown off a bit, and I’m getting it back together. 🙂

  2. Well I know you have a young child same as me so having things you want to do, and having time to do them are two separate things , at least for a while (so I’ve been told). I’ve barely had time to read many blogs this week, and I have family things this weekend. My novel project has been on hold this week.

  3. You are right, Elliot. Time and want are two separate things. As a parent, I have things I want to do with my son. That is a different list. I put blogs I want to read in a POSTS TO READ folder in my email. I try to set aside time, and go back to ones. Don’t be surprised if a comment sometimes shows up on a post published by you one week ago. It happens. Family is the number one priority for me. My novels have been on hold mainly because I’m trying to return to my regular schedule thrown off from the move, but I’m getting back into it.

    1. That is not good. I will try to fix it. Sorry about that. Usually the hyperlinks work fine, but I enjoyed your post so much, and I realized as I was typing that it would fit in.

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