Three Weeks Round Up

By Rebecca T. Dickinson

Ideas run around my mind like the Tasmanian devil. I know it’s because the last three weeks have taken consistency out of my family’s schedule due to moving and reorganizing a kitchen. So, I’d like to wrap up the most relevant lessons I have taken time to consider.

  • No matter what, take one section at a time when you pack. Otherwise the entire room will swallow you whole. What did I learn from packing? People will go crazy to the point of insanity. My two-year-old son adapted to the move better than John and I.
  • It takes more than one week to organize a kitchen where a blender once had one beater, and no one knows what the purpose of my pastry cutter is, or why I keep cloves of garlic instead of just garlic salt. For me, a kitchen is where the heart of home beats. Love is put into food, and Dad loves being the assistant chef. He pretends he has his own cooking show. I also believe I put the best of myself in this second art.
  •  Hope and laughter remains strong. I know a job waits out there with my name on it. I still plan to attend graduate school whether in the fall, spring, or another year, and finish editing my two books. (One I’m obligated to complete by the autumn, hopefully.) Sons of the Edisto deserves completion above all other projects. A good editor in the early stages of Sons said, “If you love something enough, you will make time for it.” I believe in the statement. What is it you want to make time for?
  • Writers have more tools than ever to find a route to publishing whether it’s self-publishing, an e-book, or a good agent. I am researching agents who might make a match for both projects. I look to see what they’re looking for, and what they specifically look for in a query letter and book. I read articles about agents. Kristin Nelson said in her Friday blog that it is good to take the prologue out if your manuscript is requested.
  • Other writers have asked my opinion about narratives and memoirs since the move. Why? I’m not sure, but I’m grateful they think my opinion is worth something. I think because there are so many writers it is our nature to compete, but with more available options, it is easier and better to aid one another.
  • I went to a writer’s group today, and I feel refreshed and inspired to move Sons of the Edisto along. I am in the third part of the book as far as editing, but I feel positive about the work I’ve achieved.
  • Writing about food comforts me, and a side project will be Cooking Sketches, some of which I will post in The Write to Cook posts. I taught my Dad how to crush and chop garlic cloves yesterday. He says, “Where did you learn that?” I said, “You didn’t think all those hours of watching the Food Network went to waste, did you?”
  • Finally, despite surrounding circumstances, I keep writing and editing. Maybe I’m insane, or maybe I fell love long ago. There is no pulling me out.

What are you going with your goals?


5 thoughts on “Three Weeks Round Up

    1. I have to remember it everyday if possible, because sometimes I stop and think,”Why am I doing this?” Thanks for your continued support, Vikki. 🙂

    1. That would be a great series for a book. I would be the first in line to buy it. I’m series. Strong vs. Weak Word is one of my favorite ongoing blog posts. You make it fun.

      1. How nice of you to say! The posts are fun to write. I feel like I need to make a pact with everyone. I’ll write Strong vs Weak Words in book form if you all promise to buy my novel too!

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